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Penis Envy Psychedelic Gummies by Lucid Labs provide a distinctive and powerful experience for enthusiasts. Ten 5 gram bags of strawberry-flavored gummies are included in each pack. The potent psychoactive qualities of Penis Envy mushrooms are used in the formulation of these gummies. The futuristic design of the sleek, dark packaging alludes to the mind-blowing experience inside. These gummies combine the allure of tasty candy with potent psychedelic effects, making them perfect for individuals looking for an intense, immersive experience. Suitable for seasoned psychonauts as well as daring beginners, Lucid Labs guarantees a life-changing encounter with every gummy.

5g psilocybin (10 pieces)

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  • Contains 5 gram psilocybin divided into 0.5 gram per piece


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