White Truffle Shatter


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Indulge your senses in the exquisite allure of White Truffle Shatter, an exceptional cannabis concentrate born from the genetic prowess of White Truffle. The culmination of this strain results in a captivating experience, marrying rich earthiness with pronounced truffle nuances, creating a flavor profile that’s both luxurious and unique. As you delve into this shatter, anticipate a symphony of savory and nutty undertones, providing a truly sophisticated palate journey.

Visually, the White Truffle Shatter captivates with its ivory or pale cream hue, reminiscent of the rare and sought-after truffle it draws inspiration from. The texture is nothing short of perfection – shatter-like, brittle, and easily breakable, delivering a satisfying snap that accentuates its premium quality. This concentrate embodies elegance with its smooth and glassy consistency, inviting you into a world where potency meets refinement. Elevate your cannabis experience with the opulence of White Truffle Shatter, a true embodiment of sophistication and sensory delight for the discerning connoisseur.

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White Truffle Shatter

  • Genetics: White Truffle
  • Flavors & Aroma: Rich and earthy with prominent truffle notes, complemented by a subtle blend of savory and nutty undertones.
  • Color: Ivory or pale cream
  • Texture: Shatter-like, brittle, and snapable, with a smooth and glassy consistency.

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