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Vancity Labs produces a syrup called Cannalean that has 1000 mg of THC in total. The syrup is meant to be administered using nanoenhancement. It is recommended to have 10 servings total, each with 100 mg of THC and 10 ml of syrup. You can feel the difference made by a clinically proven product that works! But exercise caution. The effects are far stronger than with regular edibles. Heroes aren’t required—they can’t all consume 100 milligrammes. Ideal when paired with Sprite

1000mg THC
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Cannalean THC Syrup

  • Vancity Labs’ Cannalean THC Syrup is a high-quality liquid THC form.
  • Made with natural flavours and pure THC extract for flavour
  • Provides quick and easy intake for either therapeutic or recreational purposes.
  • Every portion is accurately measured to ensure correct and consistent dosing.
  • An excellent option for people looking for a covert and efficient way to experience the benefits of THC.

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Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Watermelon


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