Ultra Sour Haze (AA+)


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Ultra Sour Haze (AA+), with a sativa lean, artfully combines MK Ultra and Sour Diesel genetics. It stands out for its energizing qualities and significant THC concentration, usually between 17-21%. The strain captivates with a sharp, sour fragrance that blends harmoniously with the distinctive diesel aroma, enhanced by earthy undertones and a zesty citrus twist. This rich aromatic blend is a nod to its Sour Diesel roots, providing a stimulating and crisp olfactory experience.

When used, Ultra Sour Haze rapidly induces a cerebral buzz. Users often experience a burst of energy and an improvement in mood, making it a preferred choice for daytime activities. It activates the mind, boosting focus and creativity, which can be particularly advantageous for artistic projects or tasks requiring intensive mental engagement. Its ability to elevate mood also renders it a viable choice for individuals seeking relief from stress or depressive symptoms. Ultra Sour Haze is an excellent selection for those in pursuit of a potent, invigorating high that awakens the mind and refreshes the senses.


THC 17-21%
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Ultra Sour Haze (AA+) Strain

  • Genetic Background: Hybrid of MK Ultra and Sour Diesel varieties
  • Type of Cannabis: Predominantly Sativa Hybrid
  • THC Content: 17-21%
  • Taste & Scent Characteristics: Sharp and sour, blending diesel and earthy tones, with a touch of citrus
  • Experienced Effects: Intense cerebral stimulation, invigorating, mood-enhancing, and conducive to increased focus and creativity.

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