Red Congo Live Resin


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Red Congo Live Resin offers a strong and uplifting experience that cannabis enthusiasts cherish, perfectly capturing the essence of its Congolese Sativa origin. Originating from well-known Sativa strains, its THC content usually varies between 75% and 85%, guaranteeing a strong, sensory-engaging high. The scent is a seductive fusion of strong earthiness, dancing on the palate with notes of sweetness and spice, and faint citrus and pine overtones.

A wave of cerebral pleasure washes over the mind as the effects take hold, igniting creativity and sharpening concentration. Red Congo Live Resin is well-known for its stimulating qualities, which give users a sudden surge of creativity and enthusiasm. This makes it ideal for use during the day or for creative pursuits. It also creates a deep sense of contentment and wellbeing, boosting mood and encouraging a positive view on life. Red Congo Live Resin promises a voyage of increased consciousness and joyous creativity, regardless of whether one is looking for artistic inspiration or is just hoping to increase productivity.

THC 75-85%

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Red Congo Live Resin

  • Genetics: Congolese Sativa strains
  • Cannabis Type: Live Resin
  • THC: High, typically ranging from 75-85%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Pungent earthiness with sweet and spicy undertones, hints of citrus and pine
  • Effects: Potent cerebral high, characterized by euphoria, creativity, and increased focus. Known for its uplifting and energizing effects, it can also induce a sense of happiness and motivation, making it ideal for daytime use.

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