Purps (AA+)


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The magnificent indica cannabis strain Purps strain is the offspring of the genetic union of Purple Afghan Kush and Blueberry. This strain, which has an 18–20% THC content, is strong and well-rounded, making it a good choice for cannabis users looking to unwind and get clearheaded. Purps delights the senses with an explosion of extraordinarily delicious aromas throughout your sensory experience, accentuated with pronounced berry overtones and a faint hint of pineapple. This delightful ensemble is reflected in the smell, which creates an aromatic experience that lingers in the air like a delightful and enticing breeze.

The Purps strain is well-known for its tranquil and soothing effects, making it a great option for relaxing after a demanding day. Its relaxing effect reduces stress and anxiety while promoting serenity. In addition, users report feeling happier, more motivated, and focused, which makes Purps a flexible strain that can be used for both creative and recreational activities. Purps is a tribute to the artistry of cannabis breeding, offering a remarkable and harmonious blend of genetics that captures the spirit of peaceful repose and higher cerebral states, whether one is seeking inspiration or solace.

THC 18-20%

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Purps Strain

  • Genetics: Blueberry x Purple Afghan Kush
  • Cannabis Type: Indica
  • THC: 18-20%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Extremely fruity with hints of berries and pineapple
  • Effects: Sedative and calming effect, promotes motivation, focus, and happiness

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