Original Doritos Medibles


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Presenting the Original Doritos Medibles – a captivating fusion of the timeless favorite snack with an intriguing twist. These extraordinary treats meld the classic Nacho Cheese Doritos flavor with an unexpected addition: a substantial 500mg of THC per package. Tailored for those in pursuit of a fresh experience, each chip promises an expedition into delightful sensations. Caution is advised, given the potency’s strength. Begin with a mere chip or two, allowing 20-30 minutes for the effects to gently emerge. Embark on a venture into the realm of Medicated Doritos, savoring both the iconic taste and the thrill of intentional exploration. Enjoy responsibly, adhering to legality and appropriateness.

500mg THC

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  • Brand: Medibles
  • Feeling: Experience a potent yet relaxing journey.
  • Total THC: 500mg


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