Jolly Rancher | Sour


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Jolly Rancher takes their candy game to the next level with their Sour line, offering a tantalizing twist on their classic hard candies. Jolly Rancher Sour candies are known for their intense and puckering flavors, perfect for those who crave a sour sensation. These candies pack a punch of tartness that will make your taste buds tingle with delight. The Sour lineup features a variety of fruit flavors, including sour green apple, sour watermelon, sour blue raspberry, and sour cherry. Each candy is coated with a mouth-puckering sour powder that adds an extra zing to the already bold and fruity flavors. Whether you’re a fan of sour candies or seeking a thrilling taste experience, Jolly Rancher Sour candies are sure to deliver a tangy and satisfying treat. Get ready to pucker up and enjoy the exhilarating burst of sour goodness that Jolly Rancher has to offer!


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