High Dose | Tangerine Gummies


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These gummies are packed with 1000mg THC and have a burst of pleasant tangerine flavour. Each gummy is smooth and chewy and includes full spectrum THC oils. Each pack of these tasty cannabis edibles has 10 pieces of 100mg each. High Dose Tangerine Gummies have a high THC content and are ideal for enjoying all of the advantages of THC in a discreet manner.

1000mg THC

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  • High Dose Tangerine Gummies (1000mg THC)
  • Ingredients: Glucose, syrup, sucrose, distilled water, gelatin, citric acid, MCT oil, carnauba wax, natural flavours, full spectrum THC oil
  • This product contains 1 piece each containing 100mg THC each


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