Hawaiian Skunk


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Hawaiian Skunk strain is a captivating indica strain derived from the harmonious cross of Skunk #1 and Hawaiian, both of which are renowned for their strong and energizing qualities. For cannabis enthusiasts looking for a tropical journey, it provides a balanced and thrilling experience with average THC levels ranging from 20% to 23%. Users are taken by its aroma to a tropical fruity paradise, where the essence of ripe pineapple and citrus blends with earthy undertones and skunky undertones to create a sensory symphony that satisfies all the senses.

This cannabis produces a euphoric cerebral high that stimulates creativity and cultivates a sense of well-being, akin to a sun-filled day spent on the shores of Waikiki. This strain is ideal for daytime activities and social events because users frequently report feeling motivated and energized. Despite its sativa dominance, it also provides a soft body relaxation that relieves stress without making you drowsy, making the whole experience delightful and harmonious. With this, embrace the aloha spirit and set out on a joyful, energetic adventure through the world of cannabis strains.

THC 20-23%

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Hawaiian Skunk Strain

  • Genetics: Hawaiian x Skunk #1 strains
  • Cannabis Type: Indica
  • THC: 20-23%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Tropical fruitiness with skunky undertones and hints of earthiness
  • Effects: Uplifting cerebral effects, energizing, euphoric sensations, and a mild body relaxation


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