Grape Ape Wax


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Made from the highly regarded Grape Ape strain, Grape Ape wax represents the highest caliber of cannabis concentrate artistry. With a history steeped in the prestigious genetics of Grand Daddy Purp and Afghani strains, this extract promises a strong and unique flavor. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid with the calming effects inherited from its ancestry. Grape Ape wax is a favorite among seasoned fans seeking significant effects because of its potent and robust high, which is produced by THC concentrations that reach an astonishing 70–80%.

Its extraction method carefully preserves the essence of its parent strain, producing a concentrate that tantalizes the senses with a strong grape-like scent and flavor profile. Beyond its sensory appeal, Grape Ape wax is prized for its medicinal qualities, which provide significant pain relief and induce a calm, tranquil condition ideal for relaxing after a demanding day. Carefully and precisely crafted, Grape Ape wax is a monument to the artistic ability of cannabis extraction, offering a never-before-seen experience to those looking for the highest level of flavor and potency in their cannabis.

THC 70-80%
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Grape Ape Wax

  • Genetics: Legendary lineage from Grand Daddy Purp and Afghani strains.
  • Cannabis Type: Indica.
  • THC: Potencies ranging between 70-80%.
  • Flavors & Aroma: Distinctive grape-like smell and flavor.
  • Effects: Known for providing pain relief and inducing a relaxing, sleepy high.

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