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The Garlic strain, commonly known as “Garlic Cookies” or “GMO,” stands out as a robust hybrid in the cannabis world. It garners acclaim for its distinctive and intense aroma, bearing a resemblance to garlic, diesel, and earthy tones. Known for delivering a deep sense of relaxation, the Garlic strain often culminates in a substantial body high, leaving users in a state of calm and sedation. It’s particularly popular among those seeking solace from stress, pain, and sleeplessness, due to its reputed relaxing and sleep-promoting effects. However, the pronounced aroma and strength of this strain may not be appealing to everyone. As with all cannabis varieties, individual responses can differ, and it’s essential to use the Garlic strain responsibly, adhering to local cannabis regulations and guidelines.

THC 23-24%

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Garlic Strain

  • Genetic Background: Cross between Chemdawg and Skunk strains
  • Type of Cannabis: Hybrid
  • THC Content: 23-24%
  • Flavor & Scent Profile: Strong and earthy, infused with garlic and herbal nuances
  • Effects: Soothing, tranquilizing, and induces euphoria.

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