Fruity Pebbles Live Resin


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Fruity Pebbles Live Resin is a colorful hybrid of Granddaddy Purple, Green Ribbon, and Tahoe Alien that captures the spirit of a fruity paradise. THC content usually ranges from 70% to 80%, making it an extremely potent strain that cannabis aficionados are eager to try. Sweet berries and citrus zest are prominent in the bouquet, which is also slightly earthy and reminiscent of freshly harvested grain, with undertones of tropical fruits.

The consequences are set in motion by this fragrant bouquet: a surge of energizing exhilaration and creative stimulation sweeps over the mind, inspiring and igniting the imagination. It’s perfect for busy daytime pursuits as well as relaxing in the evening, since a mild body high gradually induces a sense of serenity and relaxation. Fruity Pebbles Live Resin is an invitation to partake in a sensory experience that entices the taste buds and elevates the spirit to unprecedented levels of happiness, rather than merely being a cannabis concentrate.

THC 70-80%

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Fruity Pebbles Live Resin

  • Genetics: Green Ribbon x Granddaddy Purple x Tahoe Alien strains
  • Cannabis Type: Live Resin
  • THC: High, typically ranging from 70-80%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Sweet berries, citrus zest, with undertones of tropical fruits and a hint of earthiness reminiscent of freshly harvested grain
  • Effects: Energetic euphoria, creative stimulation, followed by a calming body high. Known for its mood-enhancing properties, it can uplift spirits and promote relaxation.

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