Forbidden Fruit (AA+)


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Forbidden Fruit stands out as a captivating and richly flavored cannabis strain, renowned for its distinctive aroma and harmonious effects. As an indica-leaning hybrid, it emerges from the crossing of Cherry Pie and Tangie, offering a unique fusion of flavors that contribute to an enjoyable cannabis journey.

The most notable feature of Forbidden Fruit is its alluring scent. It exudes a mix of sweet, tropical fruit aromas combined with earthy notes, presenting a sensory experience that is both exotic and welcoming. The flavor closely echoes the aroma, delivering a burst of fruity delight with a smooth and refreshing finish. This enticing taste profile has made Forbidden Fruit a favorite among cannabis aficionados who prize a pleasurable and fragrant smoking or vaping experience.

Regarding its effects, Forbidden Fruit typically provides a balanced high. Users often experience an initial mild cerebral euphoria that smoothly transitions into a comforting body relaxation. This makes it a superb choice for relaxation and stress relief, popular among those desiring a tranquil evening or alleviation from anxiety and tension. Forbidden Fruit’s blend of potency and terpene composition renders it a standout selection for both recreational and medicinal users who prioritize both flavor and impact in their cannabis experience.

THC 17-20%

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Forbidden Fruit (AA+) Strain

  • Genetic Lineage: Cross of Cherry Pie and Tangie strains
  • Strain Classification: Primarily Indica Hybrid
  • THC Content: 17-20%
  • Taste & Smell Profile: Sweet and citrusy, complemented by subtle earthy notes
  • Impacts: Soothing, induces euphoria, elevates mood, and enhances overall well-being.

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