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Comatose, an exceptionally powerful indica-dominant hybrid, is bred from a combination of the mighty OG Kush and another robust indica strain, tailored to deliver a deeply sedative impact. It boasts a high THC concentration, typically between 25-27%, positioning it as a formidable force in the sphere of relaxation. The flavor spectrum of Comatose is rich and earthbound, combining a profound musk with the zesty tang of lemon and the crisp, balsamic aroma of pine, creating an enveloping and profound smoking experience.

Upon consumption, Comatose truly lives up to its name by rapidly initiating a state of intense relaxation. It specifically targets and soothes the muscles, effectively alleviating tension and chronic pain. As its influence extends, it swathes the mind in a calming embrace, often leading to restful sleep. Due to its potent nature, the Comatose strain is ideally suited for late-evening use. It is particularly beneficial for those seeking relief from insomnia or desiring a tranquil night of rejuvenating sleep.

THC 25-27%

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Comatose Strain

  • Genetic Composition: Cross of OG Kush and Another Strong Indica Variety
  • Type of Strain: Predominantly Indica Hybrid
  • THC Content: 25-27%
  • Flavor and Aroma Profile: Rich and musky, complemented by hints of lemon and pine
  • Effects: Intensely sedative, muscle-relaxing, effective in pain relief, and conducive to sleep.

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