Cheetos Crunchy Flaming


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Elevate your snacking experience with Cheetos Crunchy Flaming. Ignite your taste buds with the sizzling kick of extra hot Flaming Hot Cheetos, now infused with a twist of novelty – a potent dose of 600mg THC per pack. Approach with caution as you embark on a flavorful journey that merges spice with a touch of the extraordinary. Begin with 1 or 2 chips to navigate the intensity and gauge the effects. Cheetos Crunchy Flaming promises a bold, unforgettable edible adventure that pushes boundaries and sets the bar for daring indulgence. Unleash the heat, relish the thrill, and snack responsibly.

600mg THC

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  • Ingredients: Agar, carb plate, citric acid, cannabis oil, natural coloring, and flavor.
  • Total THC:  600mg


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