Bubba Spritz


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Bubble Spritz is a harmonious hybrid cannabis strain, skillfully blending the characteristics of Sativa and Indica varieties. Its THC content typically ranges between 22% and 25%, though some batches may exhibit even higher levels. As a midday-friendly strain, Bubble Spritz ignites a lively cerebral buzz that can enhance focus, spark creativity, and elevate mood, fostering a sense of positivity.

Additionally, this strain’s relaxing properties are effective in diminishing anxiety, easing both physical and mental stress and tension. Its use can contribute to better management of anxiety or depressive symptoms, facilitating smoother social or professional interactions. Bubble Spritz also offers comprehensive bodily relaxation, potentially providing relief from various physical discomforts such as migraines, muscle cramps, and joint pain.


THC 22-25%

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Bubba Spritz Strain

  • Genetic Makeup: Cross between Bubba Kush and Tangie strains
  • Type of Cannabis: Balanced Hybrid
  • THC Levels: 22-25%
  • Flavor & Fragrance Profile: A blend of citrus and earthy tones, accented with sweet and spicy notes
  • Effects: Calming, induces a sense of euphoria, and offers a well-rounded experience.

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