Blueberry SinMintz


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Blueberry SinMint, a primarily Indica hybrid, merges the finest qualities of its progenitors, Blueberry and SinMint Cookies. This variety is renowned for its substantial THC concentration, usually between 22-26%, catering to those desiring robust effects.

The standout feature of Blueberry SinMint lies in its scent and taste. It adopts the rich blueberry flavor characteristic of its Blueberry heritage, enhanced by the crisp mint and nuanced chocolate and spice hints from the SinMint Cookies side. This intricate combination offers a distinctive and enjoyable sensory journey.

THC 22-26%

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Blueberry SinMintz Strain

  • Genetic Composition: Crossbreed of Blueberry and SinMint Cookies varieties
  • Type of Strain: Primarily Indica Hybrid
  • THC Content: 22-26%
  • Flavor & Fragrance Profile: Deep blueberry and mint notes, with subtle chocolate and spice undertones
  • Impact: Soothing and euphoria-inducing, beneficial for mood elevation, pain management, and promoting sleep.

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