Blue Fuego


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The enchanting Blue Fuego strain, an indica blend of Blueberry and Fire OG strains, boasts THC levels ranging from 20-24%, ensuring a potent and harmonious encounter. Its compact buds showcase a striking mix of blue and green hues, indicative of the dominant sweet blueberry flavors awaiting the palate. The fragrance is a delightful fusion of blueberry sweetness, citrus hints, and subtle diesel undertones, creating a sensory journey.

Upon experiencing its effects, users can expect a soothing body high that eases tension, coupled with euphoric sensations that elevate the mood. The calming impact of Blue Fuego extends to the mind, fostering a serene mental state that may spark bursts of creativity. Whether in search of stress relief, creative inspiration, or a peaceful escape, the Blue Fuego strain provides a well-rounded and pleasurable cannabis experience, inviting enthusiasts to explore the convergence of flavor, aroma, and balanced effects.

THC 20-24%
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Blue Fuego Strain

  • Genetics: Blueberry x Fire OG strains
  • Cannabis Type: Indica
  • THC: 20-24%
  • Flavours & Aroma: Blueberry sweetness with a hint of citrus and a touch of diesel undertones
  • Effects: Relaxing body high, euphoric sensations, calming, and may inspire creativity.


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