Birds Eye


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The intriguing sativa strain Birds Eye strain is a descendant of the legendary Northern Lights and Haze strains, which are known for their strong and energizing effects. THC levels in this strain range from 19% to 22%, providing a well-rounded and stimulating experience suitable for both experienced users and newcomers. Its wonderful smell of sweetness and fruitiness is enhanced by delicate earthiness and floral overtones that entice the senses. This taste experience is invigorating and reassuring thanks to the balanced blend.

Its benefits include increased focus and creativity along with a wave of exhilaration and mental clarity. Its ability to excite and motivate users makes it the perfect partner for creative pursuits or mentally demanding work. Even though sativas predominate, Birds Eye also provides a soft, calming effect that calms the body without making you drowsy, making for a well-rounded and delightful experience all around. This moniker is a ray of life and happiness in the world of cannabis strains, whether you’re looking for a creative rush or just want to boost your mood and energy levels.

THC 18-22%

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Birds Eye Strain

  • Genetics: Northern Lights x Haze strains
  • Cannabis Type: Sativa
  • THC: 19-23%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Sweet and fruity with floral notes and a touch of earthiness
  • Effects: Uplifting cerebral effects, enhanced focus and creativity, mood elevation, and a gentle relaxation


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