Banana OG


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Banana OG, an indica-dominant, is a potent cross between the iconic OG Kush and a Banana variety. This strain is renowned for its substantial THC content, typically ranging from 23-24%, making it a favorite among those seeking a powerful effect. True to its name, Banana OG exudes a rich banana aroma, blended with a creamy sweetness, which is perfectly complemented by underlying earthy and spicy notes. This creates a unique and delightful sensory experience, reminiscent of a tropical escape.

Upon consumption, Banana OG quickly demonstrates its indica dominance. Users are enveloped in a profound sense of relaxation that cascades through the body, often leading to a sedative and deeply comforting state. The mood-enhancing effects of this strain make it ideal for winding down after a long day, as it eases stress and uplifts the spirit. With its tendency to induce a heavy body high and encourage sleepiness, Banana OG is particularly effective for those battling insomnia, making it a go-to choice for a peaceful night’s rest.

THC 23-24%

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 Banana OG Strain

  • Genetics: OG Kush x Banana strains
    Cannabis Type: Indica
    THC: 23-24%
    Flavors & Aroma: Rich banana, with a creamy sweetness and notes of earth and spice
    Effects: Deeply relaxing, sedative, mood-enhancing, and can induce a heavy body high and sleepiness.


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  1. bennharder98 (verified owner)

    Nice smell, flavour and smoke. Bust up really nice just an all around good bud.

    • Jessica (Admin)

      Thank you for your review, we’re glad you enjoyed the Banana OG!

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