Amnesia Haze (AA+)


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Renowned for its sativa , Amnesia Haze strain is a skillfully crafted cross of landrace strains from Jamaica and South Asia. With a THC content between 20 and 21%, it sticks out and provides a lively and energizing high. Celebrated for its characteristic bright and pleasant citrusy perfume enhanced with subtle earthy and spicy overtones, this strain smells like lemon zest. It is a sensory treat thanks to its rich aroma profile.

Amnesia Haze strain quickly puts the user in a euphoric condition after inhalation. It is well known for its cerebral effects, which uplift the spirit, stimulate the mind, and foster creativity. This makes it a great option for daily use, especially for people working on creative tasks or participating in social activities. It’s also a favorite among individuals trying to fight weariness because of its energy-boosting qualities. Amnesia Haze, despite its name, is a favorite among sativa lovers and those seeking to infuse their days with a lively dose of positivity since it improves attention and produces a clear-headed high.

THC 17-22%

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Amnesia Haze Strain

  • Genetics: South Asian and Jamaican Landrace strains
  • Cannabis Type: Sativa
  • THC: 20-21%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Citrusy, lemon, with hints of earth and a touch of spiciness
  • Effects: Highly uplifting, cerebral, energizing, and creativity-enhancing.

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