Alien Fuel


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Alien Fuel, an indica-dominant, emerges from a potent blend of Alien Dawg and Jet Fuel, offering a deeply immersive and powerful experience. This strain boasts a high THC concentration, ranging from 23-24%, making it a standout choice for those in pursuit of intense relaxation and relief. Alien Fuel’s aroma is a complex interplay of diesel and skunk, grounded by earthy tones and a hint of spice, creating an olfactory experience that is both bold and intriguing.

Upon consumption, Alien Fuel’s effects are as impactful as its name suggests. It quickly envelops users in a profound sense of relaxation that permeates the body, often leading to a sedative and almost weightless feeling. This makes it particularly effective for evening use, as it can significantly ease tension and stress, enhancing mood and potentially leading to a state of blissful lethargy. For those seeking a powerful escape from physical discomfort or a means to unwind into a peaceful sleep, Alien Fuel offers a potent and lasting solution, transporting users to a tranquil, otherworldly state of relaxation.

THC 21-23%

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Alien Fuel Strain

  • Genetics: Alien Dawg x Jet Fuel strains
  • Cannabis Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid
  • THC: 23-24%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Diesel, skunky, with notes of earth and a subtle spicy undertone
  • Effects: Deeply relaxing, sedative, mood-enhancing, and can induce a powerful, long-lasting body high.

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  1. bennharder98 (verified owner)

    Bust up good, smokes good, really nice nose to it. All around good bud

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